Name: Ayara EisengoldAyara_Eisengold.jpg
Age: 29, deceased (Born in 259 AC, died in 288 AC)
Sex: Female
Archetype: Lord's Wife, Mother
Location: Nemisport, Westerlands
Affiliations: House Eisengold

Character Background and Description
Ayara Eisengold, formerly of House Sarwyck, a lesser house from the Westerlands, was married into House Eisengold to Jorrel Eisengold at the age of 21. Although the marriage was arranged, both Ayana and Jorrel were pleased by the match and fell deeply in love before being married. They had a son, Bradyn Eisengold one year later. A doting mother, Ayana loved to spend time with her only son, reading to him, educating him on being a kind and proper noble, and including him in her work and responsibilities whenever the opportunity was right. Eight years into her marriage, Ayana fell down the stairs one night and died. Jorrel, who had been awaiting her return to their bedchamber soon discovered her, but there was nothing to be done and she was pronounced dead by Maester Tian Rui minutes later.

Like her husband, Ayana worked for the betterment of the lives of the people of House Eisengold and Nemisport, and free from the responsibilities of a lord, she was able to do so even more capably than her husband. A kind and generous woman, Ayana was beloved by her house and the townspeople, who would describe her as the most radiant of the Eisengolds, in spite of her midnight black hair. Her death had a powerful effect on the members of House Eisengold and the town of Nemisport as a whole. In memorial of her kindness and love for the town, a public wake was held soon after her death, espoused to have been attended by every single resident of Nemisport. Her death had a profound effect on her husband, who has made no indication of plans to remarry and has become noticeably more guarded in her absence.