Name: Auster's Thread
Location: Aegon's Hill, off the Street of Looms
Type: Craftsman (Clothier)
Size: Two rooms, rather sizable for the area
Condition: Clean and polished

Inhabitants: The rich who are seeking fine clothes at a cost so high it's worth bragging about.


The building that is Auster's Thread has been around since the founding of King's Landing, in different variations. Rumor has it that the first tailor that owned the building was favored by the Targaryens. Yet his place of business was not up to their standards so they always had him travelling. As his name grew among the nobility he knew that he had to improve the building so that the rich would stomach the place. He imported stone and polished dark oak to replace the shack that once stood there.

All previous owners of the place have only been willing to sell it to other clothiers. They say that the building is blessed and that a curse would fall upon the tailor that broke the tradition. As time has went on the location has been improved upon. There are engravings on the wooden moulding, the stone has been replaced in areas that it had eroded, and the wooden floor has been polished so well that it could barely scuff a boot. There are fine silk rugs on the floor, and various styles of dress from all around the known world hanging in the sitting area. There is always at least one servant there to serve wine for the patrons that choose to visit the place.

In the back area is where the tailor has all his materials such as types of cloth. It is a frantic mess, so they are very careful to make sure that they do not leave the door open for the patrons to see.