426675-Kycb.jpgName: Asten Errol
Sex: Male
Archetype: Master-at-Arms
Location: Tempest Hold
Affiliations: House Rhyferth

Character Background and Description

Asten was born as the fourth of Sebastian Errol's sons, with little hope of inheriting any lands or titles. He devoted much of his childhood to training with the hope of bringing glory to his house and home. As a young man, he served as the squire to Garon Selmy. Garon was a incompetent and demanding, making those first couple weeks from home near intolerable until he met Garon's bastard brother, Ronard Storm. The two of them became fast friends, often sparring with practice swords whenever they were free. Asten's enthusiasm partly inspired Ronard to eventually become a hedge-knight.

Years later, Asten's time with House Selmy came to an end after he was knighted, but he remained close to his young friend. The two of them would trade tales whenever they met, with Asten having a gift for narrative. Many soldiers in his unit often joked that Asten could make anything exciting no matter how mundane. Asten served his house nobly until he heard of Garon's untimely passing. When Ronard was given lordship over the new house Rhyferth, Asten was one of the first to join him. In return for his loyalty, and due to the limited number of qualified candidates, Asten was made House Rhyferth's master-at-arms.

For the next few years, both House Rhyferth and Asten prospered. He commanded respect among his fellow men, keeping his garrison battle ready through weapons drills and training. Asten was never afraid to put himself on the level of his men, having the luxury to treat them all as equals during this time of peace. Often he would regale them with stories and challenge them to drinking contests, only stopping when they all passed out. Ronard and Asten remained close, the two still sparring when they had the time.

Asten remained at the castle when Ronard fought in Robert's Rebellion. He made sure his men were prepared and kept a close eye on Channer Rhyferth, who had become increasingly arrogant in Ronard's absence. Asten thought little of it until Ronard was poisoned soon after his return. While Asten still remained friendly and encouraging, many soldiers claimed a piece of him left with Ronard. Asten became increasingly driven to his duties, spending less time with his men and more time patrolling the castle walls, as if he suspects them to crumble any moment.

House Rhyferth has lost many soldiers in the Rebellion, so Asten has devoted some time to recruitment. His dedication to the House remains only to honor Ronard's memory, finding Channer's determination to destroy all his brother built insulting. Asten hopes that Channer's son will undo the sins of his father. So far, the heir has shown promise, reminding Asten of the friend he once had.

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