external image F3410SKGYLDEIUI.MEDIUM.jpgName: Assassin's Plate
Category: Concealed Weapon
Size/weight: 2 lbs
Rarity: Uncommon
Value: 20 ss
Uses: Eating, Assassination

Location: Sharpened Stick Shop

Description: Assassin's plates (sometimes called murder-bowls, soup-knives, or shiv-plates) are one of the Sharpened Stick Shop's more infamous specialties. They consist of a razor-thin metal blade baked into a clay bowl or plate. This deadly dinnerware can be carried about inconspicuously until such time as the blade is needed; the razor can be retrieved by smashing the plate or bowl (as simply as by casting it upon the ground).
While the blades within the plates are not as effective a weapon as a more typical dagger, assassin's plates prove their utility through their unexpectedness in most situations.