external image demon_priest_by_hishalfelf-d2k9saw.jpgName: Arving Fowler, The Shrouded Preist
Age: 58
Sex: Male
Archetype: Septon
Location: Stranger's Sanctum
Affiliations: The Seven, The Stranger

Character Background and Description
Few worship The Stranger, the most feared deity in The Seven. Arving Fowler is the closest a citizen of King’s Landing can get to direct contact with The Stranger. He patrols Stranger’s Sanctum always with a cowl covering his face, occasionally spewing prayers for The Seven. Flowing garments cover his bony physique from head to toe, earning him the nickname “The Shrouded Priest.”

Arving did not come upon this position through competition or a long history of faith. He stumbled in to Stranger’s Sanctum drunk and battered and prayed to have the lives of those who beat him taken away. The Stranger with it’s wicked sense of humor agreed to the drunk man’s pleas and delivered death to those who wronged him. In exchange for this Arving pledged his life to The Stranger and has since taken care of the Sanctum with the Silent Sisters.

He has taken up home in the back room of the Sanctum, and does sacred rituals for The Stranger. Arving also maintains a map of all of the incidents occurring from prayers of those who visit the Sanctum. He looks down on all who do not show respect to The Stranger, believing The Stranger to be the only just one among The Seven.

Arving, does not give sermons for, but he is always ready to hear the prayers or those faithful to The Stranger. After receiving a wish from he always replies with “May The Stranger find your wish worthy” and smiles with an all knowing grin.