Name: Arthen Trinidar
Age: 40
Sex: Malecook.jpg
Archetype: Cook/Merchant
Location: The Sand Borough
Affiliations: None

Character Background and Description

Life in the Sand Borough reminded Arthen much of his home in Dorne. Kings Landing is a very unforgiving place place for those that try to live on their own so staying in a community of those from your home country seemed like the smart thing to do. A cook by trade, Arthen used to live in Lakeview Commons under the rule of House Sekhmet cooking food in an unnamed stall. However he sought knowledge in other exotic foods like those from the North or even Essos. Many years ago, the cook traveled to Kings Landing to learn the ways of other countries culinary arts. What he found was that Kings Landing was a dangerous place but that made learning new recipes and finding special ingredients all the more interesting. After working at several eateries within the city Arthen decided that he would move into the Sand Borough and set up a food stall similar to one that he had back home.

Only upon moving in did he realize how much he missed his homeland. The smell of heavily spiced food and the open bazaar like stalls were something that featured heavily in Arthen’s younger years and now they were coming back into his life. The years of experience also had a large impact on his lifestyle as his food stall was much more successful, getting by on the taste of his food alone. Content with his work, Arthen knew that any Dornishman could come to Kings Landing and feel at home in the Sand Borough due to the people and his food.