User name: clipter1

Character Name: Artemis Rakadian_by_kurtfloyd-d75ezas.pngne

Age: 31
Sex: male
House: House Rhyferth

Height: 5'10''
Weight: 165
Hair color: mostly grey (some black)
Eye color: blue-grey

Archetype/Concept: Head of Personal Guard

Disposition: Heart-Broken (70%), Tense (30%)
Mannerisms: Quiet, stares blankly, unwavering posture, vacant of expression
Distinguishing features: eyes rimmed with black, grey hair early for his age, pale skin, trimmed black beard, and a healed scar from his ear to his chin.

Factions/memberships/oaths: He swore to protect Channer Rhyferth (of House Rhyferth) through the entirety of his reign.

  1. Immediate: Do his duties as Head of the Personal Guard and protect whoever he must
  2. Medium: Find out if Darius (heir of House Rhyferth) is worth staying around for
  3. Life: Serve a noble and honorable house that he can be proud of, or no house at all (join a mercenary group)

  1. Darius Rhyferth (heir)
  2. Ashter Varner (Head of Scouts for House Rhyferth)
  3. Ser Ulfric Uller of Dorne

Personal History/Backstory

He is an only child, familiar with fighting. Artemis Rane was hired for Roberts Rebellion under the banner of House Rhyferth. His uncle rallied a mercenary group to the cause, which his father (a blacksmith) also joined. He grew up in Ashford which is in the Reach on the border of the Stormlands. He was only 15 years old when he entered the war. Most of the males in his family supported Robert’s claim, and the women fled into the Stormlands for safety. He fought in the battle at Ashford where Robert Baratheon was defeated by Lord Randyll Tarly. Even through the bloodshed, the loss of his family, and the loss of the battle he remained humble and kind while others turned bitter and questioned the future of the war.

Ronard Rhyferth noticed this and kept him around just to have a pleasant man in his company. Ronard began giving Artemis some fighting lessons and Artemis began to see Ronard as a compassionate and honorable father figure. Ronard allowed Artemis to stay by his side for most of the war, and when the war ended Artemis was one of the few men fighting for House Rhyferth to survive. For his valor Ronard invited him to come with him back to Tempest Hold and be on his personal guard.

When Ronard died Artemis was promoted to Head of the Personal Guard for Channer. He made an oath to protect Channer. He was blind to the fact that Channer killed Ronard, and didn’t start to suspect anything until he had already sworn to protect Channer. He has loyally been doing so for around 14 years, but not with joy nor with outrage. Although Artemis started as a mercenary, Ronard taught him to act justly and with dignity. These long 14 years have eroded his sense of worth and pride in his service. He is an empty man waiting out the time he has sworn. Since working for Channer he has become leaner, pale, and streaks of his hair have turned grey. He is still strong, but his appetite has lessened and his body mass has followed suit.

Artemis accompanied the heir Darius to the land of Dorne to see House Sekhmet. While there he talked to the man-at-arms Ser Ulfric Uller. They traded war stories, put aside the old Stormlands and Dorne feud, and drank together. Artemis does not usually like Dornishmen, he finds them too unhindered, playful, and without moral order. But, Ser Ulfric Uller seemed like war had shown him the dignity in order.

Current biography

There was a pregnant Courser thought to be birthing a fine Courser. Strong and nimble, Artemis wanted this Courser. So did a man named Ashter Varner (Head of the Scouts). Chance had it that the Courser gave birth to twins, and Artemis and Ashter each had their wish. This has created an odd bond between the two. They sometimes drink together and joke about who got the better of the twins. They also train together on some occasions even though their tasks are very different. It is more for the companionship and distraction.

Artemis is unsure about the morality of House Rhyferth. He is an honorable man who swore to protect Channer and will do so. When Channer passes on his duty will be fulfilled and he may attempt to find work elsewhere. But, the heir Darius does remind him of Ronard. Since Channer is sick he has been spending most of his time guarding Darius who takes care of most of the business now. He is starting to remember what hope feels like. If the heir runs House Rhyferth like Ronard did, that might persuade Artemis to stay as the Head of the Personal Guard. He spends most of his time lost in his thoughts when not actively scanning his surroundings to ensure safety of that which he is tasked to protect. He takes his job very seriously, and his clouded mind has started to envelope his thoughts so frequently that he is starting to wonder whether he is fit to be Head of the Personal Guard.

Epilogue: Ace of Diamonds (extreme wealth)

After returning to House Rhyferth Artemis assisted Darius for a few months. He earned his wages, followed his orders, and gained a grain of respect back. Artemis felt like he was doing something worthwhile helping Darius to ensure the safety of King’s Landing. One day he decided to go out drinking and next thing he knew he had put his entire purse of coins on the obvious underdog at the racetrack. It reminded him of how he lost all his coins betting on himself against the Mountain. He was terrified he was reverting back to his old self. The self that moped and loathed.

Yet his horse won, and he won 150 gold dragons. He was thrilled and ran to find Darius and threw Darius 20 gold dragons for his friendship and support. Artemis finally found a medical expert to look at his jaw. A minor surgery was all it took and within a few weeks he could speak again, although with a slur. Artemis thought the best way to symbolically commemorate his conquering of his past misfortunes was to cover them with gold. He had a thin golden plate crafted to fit over his scarred jaw.

Artemis didn’t have the courage to quit on Darius again, but Darius told him he didn’t have to stick around. He left on good terms with a hearty handshake and went off to finally realize his dreams. He started a mercenary company known as the Gold Jaws. It was a rough start. Artemis had to put all his dragons into it, and still he had to take out a loan. Somehow it paid off, and Artemis trained the troops and equipped them well enough that they became known as one of the most successful mercenary companies in the 7 Kingdoms. They were hired to protect important Nobles on their travels, and through these travels Artemis met his love, Jaslin. The marriage only lasted 2 years as his wife insisted on travelling with him, and she was slain by Stormlands bandits, the same bandits that Artemis and House Rhyferth failed to vanquish in their first week in King’s Landing.

Artemis was smashed with depression once again, but this time he had a young boy to look out for. He overcame it, but was never again as happy as he was with his wife. He plowed into his work like a bull so that his son would have a nice life to inherit. He died at the age of 62 from natural causes. His son took over the Gold Jaws and continued in his father’s footsteps.

Notable skills
He can survey the area for any potential threats. As a man of war himself, he can spot a murderer in a crowd. They always have a determined look on their face that gives them away.

Notable equipment

  • Functional Clothes and Boots
  • Superior Frog Spear
  • Padded Armor under Mail
  • Shield
  • Battleaxe
  • Courser Horse with Leather Armor (Named Anchor)

  • Gold: 200 ss

Abilities (default value = 2)





Animal handling





2B Notice








1B Spear










2B Intimidate




2B Blend in








1B Courage
Destiny Points: 1

  1. Blood of the First Men: +2 Endurance rolls, +2 Health
  2. Weapon Mastery: Spear Damage +1
  3. Spear Fighter 1: Greater action to attack, if that misses choose another target to attack, if that hits do Athletics -1 DMG

  1. Flaw: -1 to Deception


Intrigue defense 10

Combat defense 15


defensive bonus - armor penalty



will ranks x 3

endurance ranks x 3