Name: Arewi Mellon
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Age: 25
Sex: Female
Archetype: Hedge Knight
Location: Usually at the Stranger's Sanctum, but she actually resides in a small house nearby.
Affiliations: Septon at Stranger's Sanctum, Faith of the Seven

Character Background and Description
Arewi stands at five feet eight inches. She wears gray painted leathers, and wields a spear and buckler. Her armor allows her to move easily and quickly, and those who’ve encounter Arwei in the past say she’s almost impossible to hit. Like many fighters from Dorne, Arewi also has a knowledge of poisons and herbal remedies. She used to be a knight to a faded banner from Dorne, but since became a hedge knight who wandered into King’s Landing.

The brown haired Dornish knight can be found at the Stranger’s Sanctum in King’s Landing. While residing in her current lodgings near the Sanctum, she rarely talks (almost exclusively to the septon), and speaks even less on her past. However, her five year stay at the Garden of Bars for a murder in the market square (followed by an immediate surrender) is on the public record. Coincidentally, her almost frighteningly calm and well behaved attitude at the Garden is also on file, but allowed her an early release. No one caring for the man who died, and his rumored illegal activity also meant that few mourned the loss.

While many Dornish natives aren’t religious, Arewi found solace following the Seven of Westeros. Upon her release, the septon of the Sanctum arranged lodging for the hedge knight. She agreed to protecting the shrine as a way of paying for her sins. She looks on her past as brutish and violent, and views service to the Seven as the only available repentance. While she wears the gray tones of the silent sisters, Arwei does not see herself as sufficiently “clean” to take the vows of becoming either one of their order or a septa. Instead, her uncovered face and signature spear and shield make her stand out when at the Sanctum.

The septon is the only one willing to communicate with her, and he doesn’t push Arewi towards formally joining the faith. There are rumors that she is the reason for a number of deaths surrounding the sanctum, but they are unfounded, and the septon refuses to comment on the gossip. Any claims of Arewi’s armor being stained or wielding a red-tipped spear are dismissed as hearsay. That said, there are an increasing number of reports of Arewi entering Flea Bottom and other districts, with almost every excursion resulting in an unwitnessed murder discovered later.

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