external image 303e404a7abfcab055546378fc312cbf.jpgName: Anron Templeton
Age: 50
Sex: Male
Archetype: Slave
Location: Joral's Theater
Affiliations: None

Character Background and Description
Anron Templeton, former assistant to Joral Keringer, now serving his son, helped Joral start the small theater at the bottom of Visenya’s Hill. Anron was originally a slave sold to the Keringer family, but Joral has never treated him so. Anron shared the same interest in theatrics as Joral and vowed to help him build and maintain such an attraction. To this day Anron continues to help clean and advertise the theater but customers have become quite infrequent. He has no other desires except to preserve what Joral has put his heart and soul to. He lives in his own small room on the lower floor of the Keringer’s family’s house. His day to day work includes wiping down the benches, and polishing the walls as audiences dirty them.
Anron is much older than Joral, Joral often joked that he should become an actor as an old master because of their age difference. At the time of Joral’s death, his hair was a brown patch in the center of his head. Years later he has become nearly bald, much of his skin fading as well. His skin appearance looking quite sickly, despite his rare good health; he was never known to eat much either. His eyes are a dark black, almost lifeless at times. Joral’s son says “death would like your eyes”.
He doesn’t own much aside from his fair share of clothes provided by Joral years ago, much of it tattered and worn out. He owns a piece of cloth, part of one of Joral’s many costumes, it is the only thing he pays much attention to these days.