8a7f37e5e4fc1266977d614aa8208dd1.jpgName: Anderon Buckwell
Age: 47
Sex: Male
Archetype: Noble
Location: King's Landing, The Sizzling Vermin
Affiliations: House Buckwell

Character Background and Description
Anderon Buckwell is one of the lower nobleman of his house, being the second born son, and because of his disposition has resorted to underhanded tactics in order to get ahead of the game. He has studied for the entirety of his life and presumes to know everything that there is to know, although his lack of street smarts is one of his more notable traits- having been robbed quite a few times during his trek to King's Landing from his home north of the city.

Due to the high number of robberies committed, he decided to purchase an establishment known as The Sizzling Vermin, located in Flea Bottom. For whatever reason he presumed that owning an awful establishment in Flea Bottom would make the poor of King's Landing idolize him and quit robbing him of his treasures. Oddly enough this did not happen and he continues to be robbed every time he makes his way to Flea Bottom to visit his establishment. He has yet to connect the fact that he is wearing nobleman's attire with his high likelihood of being robbed.

Despite no change in his situation he uses The Sizzling Vermin as a means to obtain information he could not get otherwise, something he prides himself on knowing. He has had to pay off workers of the Sizzling Vermin to keep his name out of their mouths when the Gold Cloak's find their way to the place, and so far no one has ratted him out. For how long that situation stays remains to be seen as the workers do not like Anderon at all, and only stay quiet because of his rather large pockets.