200px-Tyroshi_merchant.pngName: Alix Himan
Age: 45
Sex: Male
Archetype: Merchant
Location: Noble's Nest
Affiliations: (if any (noble house, guild, etc.): King Robert owes him gold

Character Background and Description
His family was one of the first families to see the opportunity in trading surplus food from the Riverlands. They scrounged together every gold dragon they could to buy the surplus food and export it to the adjacent lands in exchange for whatever those lands had to offer. To this day his family is responsible for buying a large portion of the food from the Riverlands, then making sure it finds its way to other areas of Westeros that are not so fortunate to have decent soil.

Alix Himan was one of the unsung funders of Robert’s Rebellion; he risked a large amount of goods to put Robert on the throne. He made sure that the armies were supplied with food, weapons, and clothing. Robert’s armies spent some time in the Riverlands, such as the Battle of the Bells, and Alix was ensuring they had the resources they needed while they were there. Since not all of the Riverlands supported Robert, he had to come up with functional covert trade routes or else his goods would be ransacked. The many smugglers and mercenaries required in those days are still in his pocketbook for when he needs something done.

Alix is a groomed man with intelligent features and colorful exotic clothes. He is patient, meticulous, and allows others to speak their point even if he disagrees. When he contemplates an issue his forehead scrunches showing how old he really is. He has an appreciation for the novelty of exotic goods but it rarely oversteps into indulgence.

Robert has not sufficiently paid back his debt. Alix knows that his only option is to work with those at Noble’s Nest and possibly convince Littlefinger that it is the kingdoms best interest to do so. Seeing that the Reach has become increasingly close to the Baratheons, he plans to call on some of the debts he has in the North. The North is highly dependent on grain that Alix brings in, so with the right pressure he thinks he can have his debt repaid.