external image 200px-PotionofVigorousHealing.png?version=16529705f5bbd139e09a168db1cf628cName: Alchemist's Flask
Size/weight: 3-5 lbs each chamber 12 oz
Rarity: common
Value: mediup
Uses: Hold liquids of any kind

Location: (either NPC or King's Landing Location)

Anywhere between 2 and 5 chambers with a circular slide at the top, it’s designed to hold ingredients and less volatile concoctions for later use. Product of the Maester school Alchemy division. It later became used as a device to deceive. Assassins have been know to use Alchemist Flasks disguised as single chambered flasks to trick their targets into a false sense of security by pouring from a safe chamber then switching to a deadly one. Can be found in the pockets of and practiced Alchemist, Apothecary, or Assassin.