User name: Lykos

Character Name: Aiana Bayle

Age: 32
Sex: Female
House: House Rhyferth

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 136 lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green

Archetype/Concept: Spy/Informant

Disposition: Aiana is controlled, rational, and attentive in conversation. Although skeptical and a bit of a cynic, she is a romantic at heart and is highly curious about places and people. A lover of stories and legends. Aiana fancies herself as a professional, taking her job seriously and can be a bit of a perfectionist. Aiana is stubborn and fiercely devoted to her family and close friends, but wary of strangers and people in general. A bit of a loner.

Mannerisms: Prefers to observe rather than speak, may often become distracted by other conversations in the room or appear a little "too" attentive
Distinguishing features: piercing, alert eyes

Factions/memberships/oaths: Brenum Fentus's Informants

  1. Immediate: To continue serving Brenum Fentus and House Rhyferth to the best of her ability
  2. Medium: To discover if Darius and House Rhyferth are worth working for long term
  3. Life: To find permanent security for herself and her family as she grows older

  1. Kyra Bayle - Daughter (NPC)
  2. Kegan Bayle - Husband (NPC)
  3. Brenum Fentus - Employer, admires and envies his devotion to House Rhyferth
  4. Edgar Fyste - Contact, Leader of House Fenshaw's Spy Ring
  5. Nera Dragen - Contact, One of Edgar's Informants
  6. Ashter Varner - Skeptical of some faults but cannot deny his competence, Husband and Daughter's Boss

Personal History/Backstory
Aiana was once the oldest child of a successful merchant. She lived in relative comfort with her mother and brothers, in a village near Storm's End, her father often having to travel for business. Her father would come home from a long journey with gifts and stories, amazing his children with tales of people and far off lands. When her father was away, her mother would read her books of history and heroes. This bred a love of stories in Aiana, who was eager for the day she would one day discover her own adventure. As a child, Aiana would often explore the village outskirts with her brothers, pretending they were fighting an ambush by pirates, thieves, dragons, or whatever threat they could imagine.

Sadly these dreams wouldn't last. After an abnormally long trip, Aiana's father forbade his children from leaving the village. Her father refused to discuss exactly what happened, but whatever it was had shaken him dearly. No longer was the house filled with tales of wonder and exotic locales, but stories of danger and risk. In an attempt to protect his children, he taught them how to defend themselves, saying that no one should be a victim. It was from her father than Aiana first learned how to use a crossbow. Eventually, the exotic stories of her childhood became all but forgotten. Instead, Aiana learned the importance of caution and a "healthy guard", becoming wary of strangers and her surroundings.

Nevertheless, Aiana never lost her adventurous spirit. So when her father needed an extra hand on his trip to Falcon's Perch, Aiana was the first to volunteer. While the journey was fairly uneventful, Aiana loved every minute of it. Shortly after they arrived, she explored every inch of the hall, picking up tidbits of gossip from the oblivious servants. It was while investigating her surroundings that she met Kegan Bayle, a sellsword from further North. The two of them became fast friends, remaining in contact even after Aiana left. Every time her father needed to head to Falcon's Perch, Aiana would follow. While at the hall, Kegan would regale her with stories, so similar to those she heard long ago, about the adventurous life of a mercenary. Eventually, Aiana fell in love with Kegan and the two married.

Perhaps out of youthful foolishness, Aiana decided to join Kegan in his line of work, wanting a life of excitement. Kegan agreed and for a while the two of them were happy. Aiana honed her natural agility at this time and picked up skills in stealth and lock picking. She would also do some informant work on the side for Edgar Fyste which further developed her abilities. Their clientele were mostly nobles, though neither were "choosy" about their employers. Since the Game seemed to demand the most restrictions, Aiana gradually gained a distaste for politics. Everything went smoothly until they were contracted to kill the heir of a minor noble - a child no older than 6. Disgusted and disenchanted, Aiana convinced Kegan to refuse the job and retire, vowing to never kill another innocent.

Life was fairly simple for a while. Kegan earned money for hunting while Aiana stayed at home with their daughter, Kyra, those sometimes traded information with her old Northern contacts. Although she loves Kyra dearly, Aiana grew restless, craving the adrenaline and excitement of the old days. Her opportunity came while visiting her father, in a chance encounter with Brenum Fentus. Brenum convinced her she could use her skills for a higher purpose and offered her a position as one of his informants. Though initially skeptical, Aiana was won over by his devotion to his cause and eventually took the job.

Current biography
Currently, Aiana still works for Brenum, and loves every minute of it. She loves the adrenaline she gets from the risk, the appeal of closing in on a target without their notice, discovering mysteries, trading secrets with her Northern contacts, learning about people and watching the guards scramble to find her as she blends into the crowd...As a result Aiana takes her job very seriously, fancying herself a professional. Getting spotted before obtaining information is seen as a failure in Aiana's eyes, and a recent failure resulted in a confrontation with a guard that broke her shoulder. Although her injury has since healed, it did so incorrectly, limiting her right arm's range of motion. This event has caused Aiana to wonder if she can keep this up forever, knowing that some day she will be caught and killed or worse, her abilities will fade and she will embarrass herself with more failures.

Aiana still wonders if Darius will hold up to everyone's expectations. While it seems possible, Aiana's previous experience with nobles has discouraged her from being too hopeful. After all, Channer Rhyferth was probably not the best influence. Despite her best efforts, part of Aiana has high hopes for the young heir, although this could be just wishful thinking.

While her investment in House Rhyferth's success is not as high as many of her companions, her interest in its prosperity has increased since her husband and daughter joined the scouts. As a result, Aiana has had some contact with the scouts and has kept tabs on their leader, Ashter Varner. Aiana is skeptical of Ashter Varner, due to his lack of patience and ideals of being a "born leader", but admires his skill and intelligence. On multiple occasions, Aiana has promised to "make Aster suffer" if he did anything to risk their safety. However, it's obvious to most that Aiana is simply protective of her family. Regardless, Aiana hopes House Rhyferth will endure, not only for the sake of her employment, but for her daughter's happiness as well.

After exposing Brenum's treachery, Aiana remained with House Rhyferth for as long as she could manage. While she praised for her loyalty, Aiana could not help but feel disposable to the House who hardly knew her. Gradually she spent less and less time in their ranks before ultimately leaving without a trace. She send regular letters to her family, telling them all she was allowed to say. Though initially wary of her surroundings, Aiana eventually looked towards the future, encouraging her family to move to King's Landing once the gang war ended. She had a keen interest in finding Brenum Fentus, but he proved more elusive than she anticipated. Occasionally Aiana updated Darius on Brenum's last known location, but little came from her efforts. Brenum was always one step ahead.

She spent most of her time aiding in the Titmice's war with The Den. Aiana was well suited to the work, happy to exploit the many stories and secrets of King's Landing. Her guildmates were more easy-going than the Rhyferth guards, surprisingly open. Though wary at first, eventually Aiana considered them friends.

For a while it seemed like The Den would lose as they struggled to fight a war on two fronts. While both House Fenshaw and the Tufted Titmice weakened their rivals, the Titmice couldn't last. Months into the war, a captured Titmouse leaked the location of their headquarters to Jemma Rosewood, hoping she'd spare his life. After Rosewood cut him down, she led an assault on the Titmice. By setting their base on fire, she drew most of them out into a volley of arrows and let flames burn the rest.

Aiana's body was found the next morning, leaning against the walls of a nearby alley. Gaping slashes decorated her corpse, some forcing her lips into an unnatural smile. All of Aiana's supplies were stolen, save for a single dagger lodged firmly in her eye.

The surviving Titmice scattered, their war lost. The Den would fall soon after, but this fact did little to comfort Aiana's grieving family. Kegan Bayle took some solace in her killers' death, only regretting that they died by someone else's hand, He soon remarried, but never forgot his first wife. Kegan and their daughter Kyra kept Aiana alive through stories, her legacy enduring within the Bayle line for many generations.

To everyone else, Aiana remained unknown and invisible, a shadow both in life and death.

Notable skills
  • Trained Crossbow Marksman
  • Agile, acrobatic, can contort and manipulate her body
  • Perceptive
  • Can blend into a crowd
  • Adept at Stealth
  • Literate
  • Basic Lock-picking

Notable equipment
  • Medium Crossbow
  • Ammunition x2
  • Leather Armor (Hard)
  • Tent
  • Backpack
  • Clothes - Courtier, Everyday(Traveler), Northern
  • Dagger
  • Pouch (Belt)
  • Waterskin
  • Flint and Steel
  • Rope
  • Expert Locksmith/Craftsman Tools
  • 4 gold dragons, 89 Silver Stags, 28 Copper Pennies

Image Source

Abilities (default value = 2)




Acrobatics 1B, Contortions 1B

Animal handling



Climb 1B


Notice 1B














Street-Wise 1B


Crossbows 1B






Blend-In 2B, Sneak 1B




Pick-Lock 1B




Destiny Points: 3 (3 used)

  1. Deft Hands - Faster Reload
  2. Furtive - Rerolls 1, adds Agility rank to Sneak
  3. Face in the Crowd - Blend-In as Free Action, add Cunning to Blend-In results

  1. Flaw (Athletic) - lower range of motion in her right arm from prior injury


Intrigue defense

Combat defense

awareness(4) +cunning(3)+status(3) = 10

defensive bonus(0) - armor penalty(-2)



will ranks(3) x 3 = 9

endurance ranks(2) x 3 = 6