Name: Ahrora Nahaar r169_457x256_6524__2009_two_hand_axe_2d_character_girl_woman_warrior_axe_fantasy_picture_image_digital_art.jpg
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Archetype: Warrior
Location: Fenshaw Lodgings

Affiliations: Tychys, House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description
Standing Taller and bulkier than her older brother, Ahorora is much more suited for combat. She carry's herself with an intimating weight, her stone grey eyes giving off a piercing glare. She wears her black hair short and shaggy, and is much less concerned about her appearance than her brother. With a serious demeanor, and aggressive tendencies, she is far from Westero's idea "lady". The men is Westero's often scoff at the idea of a female warrior, and despite her hard exterior, this does bother her. Always thinking she has something to prove, she often dives head first into danger (necessary or not) . She prefers to dress in light armor that provides a decent mix of protection and maneuverability. Her main weapon of choice is a great-axe, which she can swing with surprising speed.

Ahrora was born in the free city of Braavos and was mostly raised by her adoptive Uncle while her parents where away on businesses. Even as a toddler she often joined her brother on his expeditions throughout Braavo's, and as they grew older often had to fight the battles he couldn't talk his way out of. She is stingy when it comes to money, often trying to haggle. Although since she lack's her brothers gift for words, this often devolves into threats. Despite her annoyance with his carefree way's, she loves her brother dearly. Despite initially only working for House Fenshaw under contract as a hired sword, she has grown quite attached to the house, and often spars and drinks with the soldiers of the Falcon's of Autumn. She has been sneaking out of the Fenshaw Lodgings at night recently, possibly to partake in the rumored fighting pits beneath Flea Bottom.

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