saffron.jpgName: Aged Saffron
Category: Spice
Size/weight: Depends on size of bundle, weight comparable to small leaves
Rarity: Rare
Value: 10 gd per bundle
Uses: Dye, aroma, food enhancer

Location: The Crescent Cauldron

Located at the back of The Crescent Cauldron in two small glass jars is aged saffron. Saffron that is said to be soaked in blessed water, and then rested for a few years until "ripe". The saffron is dark crimson, and rich in aromas that smell like grass and honey. The quantity is very limited so it is common for Magnus to refuse selling the spice even to those who have well over the amount asked for. Magnus only sells it selectively to known people within King's Landing. The dye provides a rich red color especially on silk. Customers praise his aged saffron as he is the only one in King's Landing to sell it. Those who have purchased it claiming to use it as a food enhancer have never came back to give feedback....