90051_m.jpgName:Aerik Woodwen
Age: 56
Sex: Male
Archetype: Retainer
Location: Falcon's Perch
Affiliations: House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description
The lesser-known friend to Theodan and the young lords, Aerik's father was the keeper of the godswood and grounds around Skyhaven, and groomed the boy to succeed him. Along with these tasks, Aerik also learned many other things from his father, like the use of herbs in healing, how to read and write, and secrets that he has revealed to no one else.

While significantly older than the lords, Aerik's odd mannerisms made him an outcast amongst his peers, and his job, which he inherited from his father, meant he was constantly getting swept up in the children's adventures and pranks. As they grew older, both Theo and Bran grew to value Aerik's judgment, which always seemed to resonant with them, while Ebben kept his distance. He viewed Aerik as a crazy hermit, good for nothing more than tending the grounds, and tried to discourage the others from taking the older man's advice to heart, with little success.

As the years went on, and tragic events unfolded, Aerik chose to stay out of the limelight. He did his job, and lived his life. Occasionally, Theodan or even more rarely Ebben, would come to him for advice or consoling, but he tried his best not to attract any attention to himself.

There were some who said that Aerik was a secret member of the Green Men, but most who knew him dismissed that claim.

"Old Aerik, a Green Man?!" They would reply incredulously, "They'd have sooner taken in a goat before a spindly wanker like him!"

Aerik stands tall but, as was said, he remains somewhat awkward and gangling in appearance. He sports a long flowing beard, and a floppy hat covers his unruly crop of white hair. Because of a violent incident with Ebben many years ago, after the Fenshaws had lost Bran to Robert's Rebellion, Aerik has a bad leg that he must use a staff to make up for. But despite this, he still tends the grounds and godwood, and occasionally fulfills roles of religious importance.