bloody_note_by_sethial.pngA razor-sharp scream pierced the night jolting Tychys from his slumber. The scream came from below on the second floor. Judging by its pitch it was the scream of a child. Ranel. Raynard. Tychys flew out of bed, quickly threw on a robe, and snatched Kraken's Tooth from beside his bed. He charged off to face whatever threat lied bellow. By the time he had reached the bottom of the stairs a flurry of guards had already surrounded the young lords room. So it came from Raynard's room. Tychys pulled aside one of the guardsmen. “In Raynard alright?” Tychys said is a panicked tone. Despite his rather rocky relationship with the boy, he would never wish any harm upon him.
“Lord Raynard is fine, but it appeared a guard has been murdered.” The guard said in a stoic tone. Still, despite his required demeanor, Tychys could sense a bit of unease in his voice.
The guards let him past without any trouble. It would seem after he began training the young lord, the guards had become a bit more trustworthy of him. In fact Raynard had insisted he continue with the lessons. For a moment Tychys legs ached.
As he entered the dark little room he saw little Raynard sobbing away while Ranel did his best to comfort him. Theodan was examining what appeared to be a human head, while Edgar stood quietly in the corner of the room. Emond had a fury in his eyes unlike any he had seen before, his gaze directly focused on Edgar. Tychys walked over to Raynard and could see how mortified they boy was. It was tough to tell in the moonlight, but his sheets appeared to be stained with blood. Tychys tried his best to give a comforting smile and patted him on the head. “Stay strong little lord”. The boy was still to shaken to react to this, but Ranel seemed to appreciate the gesture. Despite trying to stay strong for her brother, Tychys could tell she was quite shaken as well. A servant escorted the children to Ranel's room to get them away from the carnage.
As Tychys approached Theo, he got a better look of the body. Or at least what was left of it. Tychys winced at the horrifying sight before him. The mutilated head of a Fenshaw guardsman had X's carved deep into his face where his eyes were. The smell was even worse, it was like the entirety of Flea Bottom had been shoved up his nose at once. Tychys recolonized his face, this was one of the Falcons of Autumn that had been with him when he was training Ranel and Raynard. valar morghulis he said grimly under his breath. He looked back up at Theo, hoping for some answers. Before he could say a word, Theo silently handed him a bloody piece of parchment. “Fyste lied and thus I died”.

“We found it in his mouth.” Theo said in a reserved tone as he looked back down at the head. Tychys immediately began walking towards Edgar, an anger building inside him. He knew the man partook in some unsavory business, but what the hell had he gotten the house into!? Whoever did this was able to get into the Lords bedroom without anyone noticing! Before he could get much closer another scream pierced the night. This time from next door. Ranel's room!
Emond was first to burst into the room, followed by Tychys and Theodan. Edgar was strangely absent. Ranel and Ranyard stood huddled together at the edge of her bed, visibly shaking. Thank the Gods both they were safe. But strewn across her bed was another dead guard, this time a whole body. Ranel was pointing to the dark corner at the edge of the room, sobbing. Emond charged the corner ready to slaughter anything that may lie in the shadows. Nothing. It would appear the assailant had escaped. His attention returned to the corpse and then to the children. Tychys carefully approached them and gently extended a hand. “Come now you, two let's get you somewhere warm.” he said in a warm tone. Ranelwas more than happy to take Tychys hand, and Raynard was not leaving his sister's side. The three, along with a handful of Fenshaw guards left to find someplace safer for the children to stay the night.

It was decided that the room in the center of the Fenshaw lodgings would be the safest place for the children. It was a spacious room used mainly for storage, with various sacks and crates littered about. Its most important feature was the lack of any windows. It had only a single entrance that could be easily guarded. Tychys helped Ranel and Raynard a quite spot in the corner of the room. Ranel had calmed down quite a bit, while Raynard's sobbing had become a quite whimper. Tychys sat with them through the night, telling tales of his childhood in Braavos, often exaggerating the details of these story's. He did not in fact fight rats the size of dogs in the streets daily, or discover stop a coven of witches from preforming a blood rituals on a fair maiden. Anything to get those two through the night. After awhile he noticed the two children had finally fallen asleep. Tychys let out exhausted sigh. Whatever the hell Edgar did, it seems House Fenshaw had made some formidable new foes. But he was not apart of House Fenshaw. He had said no oaths. He and Ahrora could leave anytime and be free of the danger the house had found itself in. Yet, despite being some foreign stranger he had come to start thinking of House Fenshaw as family of sorts. He knew that if he stayed, if they fall, he will fall with them. Yet he could not even entertain the thought of simply leaving them to their fate. If they were to fall, they would fall together.

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