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A Majestic Find

It was the dawn of an early morning, the sun just beginning to make it's journey over the horizon. The repugnant smell of fish and local imported spices filled the air as House Eisengold's ship came in to doc at the Waterfront at King's Landing. The docs were well maintain and organized by Nkosa's surprise due to it's size and number of occupants she would imagine it would be chaos. Nkosa looked out to the incredible city that stood before her, mesmerized by the sheer size of it. Gazing up and down the coast to the magnificent Red Keep that radiated in the rising sun to the far edge of the docs, filled to the brim with hustling sailors preparing for a hard day at work. A smile crossed her face as she became filled with excitement at the thought of what may lye ahead of her while traversing this city.

Upon arriving at the Eisengold Residences Nkosa and her family find that it has been infested by a local pest called Hissers and forces them to devote man power to eliminate them from their living area. While waiting for their residence to be pest free Jorrel decides to head to the Red Keep in order establish House Eisengold within King's Landing. Nkosa prepares herself and dawn's her armor and gear to accompany him and Tugg to the Red Keep.

As they travel from side street to side street Nkosa observes each narrow pathway, corner and resident to get a general overall feel of the land and it's inhabitants. In this situation she is soully focused on the protection of her family. Taking in as much as she can in order to see any means of attack that could harm them and quickly snuff it out. The slight tension in her muscles, the light flow of adrenaline corsing through her vains from the anticipation of a fight combined with the excitement of a busy city. She loved as well as lothed every minute of it. Luckily the trip to the keep was peaceful they arrived with no problems. Nkosa sat back as Jorrel talked politics with the local Nobel's. She always detested politics and decided to leave those matters to the Lord's to worry about.

After their excersion to the Red Keep, Nkosa escorted Jorrel and Tugg to the library where they parted ways for the rest of the evening. Nkosa felt confident that Jorrel was safe enough with his current number of soldiers that she was not needed and left for the Street of Steel. Nkosa 'persuaded' her friend Zyre to accompany her. Zyre was never one to be social or explore for lesier, so Nkosa always took it upon herself to 'gently' nudge him to be a bit more open and drag him along on her escipades.

When they arrived at the Street of Steel Nkosa was overwhelmed by the seemingly uncountable number of shops that crowed either side. Overcome with excitement she darted left and right gazing upon as many shops as she could all the while dragging an annoyed Zyre the whole way. Until and item of sheer magnificence captivated her eyes. A shinning beauty of a great war axe was mounted on the wall of a blacksmiths shop. It was a golded edge trimmed axe with a stylized head of a lion where the blade spewed forth. The mane of the lion melded into the sleek silken smooth Royal blue colored shaft that ended in a silver colored fin shaped ornament.

Like a starving man drooling over a newly cooked leg of mutton, Nkosa new she had to have it. " 'ow much is dat fine piece oh work right there?" She exclaims pointing that the axe. "Three gold dragons" the shopkeep grunted. 'Drat' Nkosa thought to herself, 'I don't 'ave dat kind of money on me'. "Shopkeep!" Nkosa bellowed "Hold onto dat axe for me! I shale return shortly to buy dat off you!". "No promises" the shopkeep replaied, and off Nkosa was. Almost hefting Zyre off the ground in her rush to return back to the Eisengold Residences she yells "Hurrey up Zyre! I refuse to let someone get to dat axe before I do!!".