94829_1137272438_medium (1).jpgWell that was a complete waste of time! thought Tychys bitterly, as he and the rest of House Fenshaw left The Night Angler Brewery. A cruel wind blew off the Blackwater causing Tychys to wish he had worn more than just his basic garb. It had taken several grueling hours just to walk from the Fenshaw Lodgings, and even longer before the damned Bolton informant showed his face. Not only had he kept them waiting, he barley had any information of value to offer. Just a list of names of several other noble houses arriving in Kings Landing, without any hint to their motivations or even their members. He also gave a vague warning of impending danger. Of course there was danger! Tychys had lost count of the number of vile looks his group had received just this afternoon. Without any specific's what's the point of getting all worked up over it? “A clouded mind can lead to an early grave” he had once heard. He couldn't help but agree. As he and the rest of House Fenshaw stepped into the crisp evening air, he looked back at the barmaid cleaning their table, and gave her a flirtatious smile. She looked up at Tychys and gave him a coy wink before returning to her duties. “Well, maybe not a complete waste of time...” he thought.
As they passed through the colossal Mud Gate, and into the now barren Fishmonger's Square, Tychys could not help but wonder why he had been asked to come along today. It was surely not at the behest of Emond Roebeck. House Fenshaw's resident giant had been suspicious of him since the moment he arrived. Any attempt to win his friendship had been rebuked, even the universal bonding experience getting incredibly drunk could not warm him to Tychys. Theodan Berikson has always seemed quite indifferent of his presence, not really caring about what he did as long as it didn't interfere with the goals of House Fenshaw. Perhaps it was Edgar Fyste, he had always shown an interest in Tychys. Sure it had been in the way of having Nera constantly spy on him, but it's still something. Their rare face to face interactions usually consisted of trading several clever jabs at one another. Tychys knew he wouldn't have invited him out of the kindness of his heart. If Edgar wanted him here it could only be for his own gain. A sly grin passed over Tychys lips, he was happy to play along if it got him more involved with the affairs of the house. Having an in with a major house was almost a necessity in the unforgiving land of Westero's. Though he was a bit uneasy about working for a house with such a concerning reputation as House Bolton, if it got the Fenshaw's more clout in The North than so be it.
As they made their way through the twisting and narrow streets of Kings Landing and away from the riverfront, a noxious smell penetrated Tychys' nose. Even half way across the city you could smell the shit from Flea Bottom. At least it was a bit warmer away from the Blackwater. As the party maneuvered through a cramped alleyway, Tychys noticed several shadows that were not his own scurrying through the gaps in the alley. Tychys stopped for a moment, carefully surveying his surroundings, listening for the thud of footsteps on the pavement. The rest of the group had not stopped with him, and the safe glow of the torches had gone ahead without him. Darkness enveloped him, and any hint of the horror's that were surrounding him vanished with their shadows. He tried his best to hear their movements, yet the only thing he could make out was the rapid beating of his heat.
Tychys inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. He though back to his Uncle's training. “Calm as still water” he told himself, clearing his mind and sharpening his senses. As soon as he unleashed Kraken's Tooth from it's sheath they were upon him. He was able to dance out of the way of the first assailant, but a second grabbed his sword arm. With a quick jerk of the wrist and a swift slash the assailant was on the ground with a shallow cut ruining across his brow. There may be more of them, but these men had no skill Tychys observed, as his confidence grew. Tychys heard the sound of combat from further down the alley. He grinned, Emond seemed more irritated than usual today and hopefully this would let him blow off some steam. The man on the ground leaped towards him and Tychys gracefully stepped aside.
Right into a wall.
Before he could regain his footing, five men lurched at him. The man he had cut grabbed at his arm again, while the rest held him still. They were after his sword! Surely Valyrian steel would fetch quite the price on the black market. But how could they tell he was carrying such a treasure in the dark? It was then Tychys finally got a decent look at the man. He had seen him before, one of the many scowls they been bombarded with on their way to the brewery this morning. Despite its sheath being no different than one of any common iron sword, the hilt of Kraken's tooth was a dead giveaway for its value. As much as Tychys fought he could not break free. He was going to lose the precious gift his Uncle had entrusted him with. As soon as despair had washed over him, a giant had slammed into the thieves, sweeping them away as if they where driftwood before a great storm and taking Tychys with them. Before he could process what was going on Theodan was helping Tychys to his feet. Regaining his senses, he immediately checked his right hand. He lets out a audible sigh of relief seeing his precious sword still there. As soon as he finished thanking Theodan, Emond had returned from the shadows with blood coating his mighty fists. Not sure what to say Tychys offered a grateful nod, which Edgar curtly returned. Perhaps he had more friends in House Fenshaw than he though.
They kept a brisk pace on their way back to the Fenshaw Lodgings, and made sure to keep Tychys close this time. He kept his hand on his blade's sheath, he would have to find a better way to keep it hidden from now on. He was also faced with the grim reality that fighting in the narrow streets of Kings Landing was quite different than what he was used to, and next time his friends might not be around to help him. Friends. It had dawned upon him just how kind the people of House Fenshaw had been to him. They allowed him and Ahrora to stay on their lands, had included them in their public affairs, and even trusted him enough to bring him to such an important meeting. Perhaps it is time he returned the favor. I bet they would love to hear the story about the time he visited Nemisport.

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