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"A Keen Eye"

The ring of metal striking metal echoed through the workshop of Destran Fentus as he expertly bent the heated material to his will. This was to be a special piece meant as a gift for a lord’s wedding ceremony, and he spared none of his effort or patience when shaping the ornate design of the blade. So engrossed in his task, he hardly noticed his son Brenum walking up next to him, who stayed silent and observed.
As Brenum watched, he noticed fine construction of the hilt, the incredible quality of the pommel insignia of the minor house, even the coloration of the blade. He scrutinized even the most minute details of the sword, judging its quality silently. It was some of the best work his father had ever done. Yet for all the beauty of the sword, Brenum wondered why such brilliant craftsmanship was wasted making this barbaric tool. Swords had no creative purpose, they only served to destroy (an irony Brenum appreciated). Even if this item was to be given to a lord, he believed that the item itself could be anything else.
The smell and heat of burning coal made the environment uncomfortable but not unbearable. Flying sparks burst forth from the sword like a flock of birds and slowly rained down upon the ground as if snow. Not wishing to disturb him, Brenum moved away from his father to admire some of his other works on display. The large collection of weapons, metal tools, and decorative pieces for sale always made him think that there was no reason to live in poverty. If his father could make these wonderful pieces, why couldn’t he sell them? His gaze fell upon a beautiful iron candle holder. It was Brenum’s favorite item, and while ornate, it was not a waste of materials. Better still, it had a practical purpose that wasn’t to harm but to assist.
Moments later, a customer walked into the shop eying some of the things that Brenum was just looking at. He was a moderately tall man, muscled, though in an average way. He was dressed in much finer clothing than those in the village however, and smelled of something sweet that Brenum couldn’t place. Looking closer, Brenum saw that he was not covered in the dirt of the common folk. Instead, he seemed almost immaculate, as if nothing could or ever would touch his skin. Brenum moved away from the pieces to let the man look around. He turned to get his father, but he remained engrossed in his work and Brenum did not want to interrupt him.
Eventually, the man picked something up, turned around and stopped. He seemed to think about something before walking over to Brenum. He smiled at him. Then the man held up his coin purse and the candle holder Brenum loved and asked how much it was. Brenum had no idea. He had not yet learned how to price items from his father. In fact, he didn’t know much about the family business in general as he had a horrible aptitude with the hammer. And he loved the candle holder, he did not wish to part with it. Looking up at the man, he noticed the coin purse was rather large. Brenum came to the conclusion that he had to sell it, because his father would be furious if he did not. But this man could afford to pay dearly for something that was dear to him. Brenum set the price at 10 silver stags.
The man’s face was shocked, then faded to disbelief, and then he chuckled lightly. He told Brenum that it was not worth more than 2. Adamant in his decision to make the man pay more. He lowered the price slightly to 8. The man’s face grew stern, as though thinking about something. Then he repeated that the price should be 2. Again, Brenum barely lowered the price. This went on for a few minutes. During this time, Brenum felt more than determination, he felt exhilaration. He had not felt such fun in quite some time. He knew that if the man had not given up yet, then that meant he needed this candle holder desperately. This haggling was hunting, and the prey was merely waiting for its end.
Brenum was going to let an animal suffer though. He pointed out the details in the piece that made it hold such value. Then he stated a price, and told the man he would not move lower. Begrudgingly, the man handed over 5 silver stags and hurriedly left. As he hurried off, another, smaller man dressed in similar clothing walked up. He looked at Brenum with a smile on his face.
“I watched that exchange. You had no idea what you were doing, and that man still bought from you. That makes him a fool or you a special talent, and I do not believe him to be a fool. You must have a keen eye for customers, and you seem like a capable sort. I have a task for you, and if you complete it I will reward you.”