A cry from just outside Kearen’s balcony quickly ended a discussion between his guard and the noble. “Kearen Sekhmet! Come forth and answer for the crimes committed under your house’s name!” was heard from the street below. What in the Seven? thought Kearen. Who has the audacity to come here and directly accuse my house of crimes? Is this what Cersei was speaking of in regards to danger?

“There is a large group of armed men with whoever is calling for you mi’lord.” said Vrodan looking out a window trying to not reveal himself. “He appears to be a noble though I do not recognize his face or banner. How should we proceed?” Kearen sighed taking a moment to collect himself. He thought back to the previous night how Faelash, Laerra and Elric came to his door about their escape from the Crescent Cauldrons. Laerra confessed to him how she accidentally spread some eggs of the insect infestation using a honeycomb given to her by a stranger. This resulted in she and Faelash being hunted down and would appear to be the cause of this afternoon’s distress. He would have to see if some form of bargain could be reached to appease whoever is in charge and to keep the peace.

“Let’s see if we can find out what our supposed crimes are” said Kearen finally replying to his guard. “We can talk from the balcony well enough and we don’t have to show our hand in any of these matters.” “That sounds like a solid plan mi’lord” said Vrodan. “Would you have me send the other guardsman to Faelash and Laerra?” Kearen shook his head “No. Since they decided yelling up to my window with a backing of armed guards is the most peaceful solution at the moment I think we can assume they have this building surrounded at the very least.”

Kearen got up from his seat and then moved to get a look at the noble for himself as knowing who his accuser was could help with negotiations. A brown and white boar greeted his visage along with a very young man no older than twenty years. None so Fierce eh? Kearen thought suddenly glad his father made him study up on major Westorosi houses before this trip. Well they certainly have treated this an important manner sending one of the Crakehall’s to handle this.

Moving to the balcony with Vrodan, Kearen finally called out a response to the men below “I am Kearen Sekhmet of House Sekhmet. You have accused those within my house of crimes. I would appreciate knowing what these crimes are as a response of this caliber seems rather drastic.” He hoped that the younger noble would have some common sense and respect the situation. What he did not expect was for the young man to laugh instead.

Kearen’s brow furrowed while he looked down at the young Crakehall, he did not welcome this kind of treatment in the slightest, especially coming from someone who knew nothing about him. Once the Crakehall finished up laughing he looked back to Kearen and said “There are two crimes that your house needs to answer for. The first is a brawl that occurred between some of your house and several other knights. Apparently those of your house began the fight completely unprovoked and left many knights injured. The other and more severe crime is a Dornish woman thought to be within your house or at least under its protection was seen spreading eggs of the insects that are infesting our dear city. We do understand that you yourself did not commit these crimes but because the involved parties are under your house, you house is being held somewhat responsible until they are brought to justice.”

Kearen took another moment to think about these accusations before responding. He looked down again at the crowd below before speaking “Alright allow me to talk to those that committed these crimes, that way we can attempt to find a peaceful solution amidst all of this chaos. I will come down with my guard so we will no longer need to shout and disturb the neighborhood with this trouble.” He then motioned to Vroden and the two walked downstairs and opened the front door. Kearen remained unimpressed at the show of force brought before him. Clearly this is to intimidate me into giving them exactly what they want. Unfortunately for them I have actual power as a representative of the Martells and one of the strongest houses in Dorne. Hopefully I will not need to use this power and I should play along for now but I feel that I may need to invoke the Prince’s name. Kearen thought.

Quickly Ser Ulfric and Laerra were brought forth, the former without his sword and the latter without her dignity smelling of sewage. Elric came forward with Faelash claiming the woman as his betrothed and his relation to the Westerlands. Lastly another guard moved to Crakehall saying that Pymon managed to escape by taking out two guards and the final Dornishman couldn’t be found anywhere.

“Alright here we are now can we talk about this and come to a reasonable solution like adults?” said Kearen. Crakehall then blustered for a moment under Kearen’s harsh words and turned to consult Elric and Jorrel Eisengold, another lord aiding Crakehall. Though Kearen could not hear what was discussed between the three men he knew that without the aid of the older lord he would not have the power to take Kearen and those under him anywhere.

“All you need to do is come to the Red Keep and answer some questions.” said Lord Crakehall turning around. “It should be a simple matter and will be cleared up quickly but you must come with me peacefully. I will do my best to keep you out of harm's way.”

Kearen looked at his companions and the back to Lord Crakehall. “Fine” he replied “We will go with you. But only because truth and peace are more important right now. I hope that we will be able to find an answer here that will make all parties happy.” With that the crowd escorted House Sekhmet to the Red Keep.