external image 2f3555e80a250288c21b150a0003def9.jpgame: 'Golden Hands' Drogen Tolk
Age: 60
Sex: M
Archetype: Blacksmith
Location: Drogen's Forge
Affiliations: Gold Cloaks

Character Background and Description
Drogen Tolk is the esteemed blacksmith widely known throughout King's Landing that run's Drogen's Forge. He is a short, muscular man with broad shoulders and sports a short mustache and beard combo. His skin has been burned a mild brown/dark grey with his years of being at the forge. Drogen is a masterful blacksmith that has been working in King's Landing all of his life and has gained the nick name 'Golden Hands' due to his work having such astounding craftsmanship.

Drogen is a man of pride and accomplishment that holds any requisition of his skills to the highest regards no matter how small the order. Blacksmithing has always been his livelihood and welcomes anyone under his wing who also hear its call. Drogen slowly takes on apprentices under his tutelage that show either great skill or determination to learn his trade. Eager to pass on his knowledge of the trade he also crafts numerous tools needed for blacksmithing and distributes them all across King's Landing to help anyone lucky enough to wield them.

After the War of the Usurper, Drogen instructed his forge to only supply product to the Gold Cloaks, in order to pay back a great debt he owes to Robert Baratheon. To this day Drogen and his forge work to repay the debt that he owes the king until the fateful day that debt can be repaid.